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Bioremediation Consulting Inc. (BCI) provides microbiological and analytical services for environmental engineering companies involved in the clean-up of sites contaminated with chlorinated solvents. Our services support site monitoring as well as development of bioremediation strategies for enhanced natural attenuation and bioremediation. If bioaugmentation is needed we select from our culture collection, and mass culture high-rate dechlorinating strains of Dehalococcoides species for bioaugmentation of sites contaminated with chlorinated ethenes (PCE), ethanes(1,1,1-TCA) and chlorobenzenes.

BCI specializes in site-specific microcosm tests constructed from site soil and groundwater. These microcosms are monitored by BCI to determine the extent of natural attenuation processes, and to select electron donors for enhanced natural attenuation. Microcosm tests are also used to ensure compatibility of Dehalococcoides bioaugmentation cultures with a client's groundwater.

The BCI laboratory has expertise in the analysis of:

  • Dissolved gases such as methane, ethene, and ethane and chlorinated solvents by gas chromatography.
  • Organic acids (electron donors) such as formate, lactate, and butyrate by capillary ion electrophoresis.
  • Alcohols and glycol electron donors by gas chromatography.
  • Molecular hydrogen by reduction gas analysis.
  • Dehalococcoides species in groundwater by PCR.
  • Dr. Margaret Findlay founded BCI in 1991 and Dr. Samuel Fogel joined in 1993. They have been specializing in subsurface microbiology for 20 years and have published widely on the biodegradation of chlorinated and non-chlorinated compounds under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.