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Natural Attenuation Laboratory Services

Indicators of Anaerobic Natural Attenuation*

AnalyteInformation Gained
methaneDetermine whether strong reducing conditions are present, since methane-producing bacteria require these conditions.
ethene & ethaneThese are the products of reductive dechlorination of solvents such as PCE and TCE.
organic acidsThese compounds act as electron donors (food) for anaerobic microbes which produce H2 for dechlorinating bacteria
H2Specific low H2 concentrations in groundwater correlate with activity of dechlorinators, sulfate reducers, and other microbial groups. Molecular hydrogen can be determined in the gas form, or dissolved form.
SO4-2,NO3,Fe++ Mn++Presence of sulfate and nitrate indicate reducing conditions not low enough for dechlorination of DCE. The presence of ferrous iron and soluble manganese indicate that “anaerobic oxidation” of cis-DCE and VC is possible, and that redox is insufficient for reductive dechlorination.

BCI provides dissolved gas analyses for the determination of methane, ethene, ethane, propane, propene and molecular hydrogen. (see pricing). Our detection limits for methane and ethene is below 0.1 ug/L

*BCI will provide a free microbiological interpretation for each groundwater sample analyzed for natural attenuation parameters.