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Margaret Findlay Ph.D.



Dr. Findlay has been president of Bioremediation Consulting since its founding in 1991. She has over fifteen years experience in biodegradation research and direction of treatability laboratories, as well as in site remediation. Dr. Findlay currently specializes in design and execution of laboratory microcosm studies of ground water containing chlorinated solvents. As an editor of Bioremediation Journal, she maintains a broad overview of the field of environmental remediation.

Biodegradation of Chlorinated Solvents. Dr. Findlay directed and participated in research projects funded by industrial clients, as well as by USEPA and National Science Foundation, on the biodegradation of chlorinated solvents, both by anaerobic reductive dechlorination and by aerobic degradation by methanotrophic bacteria. The work resulted in elucidation of biodegradation pathways, development of simplified laboratory treatability protocols, and conceptual designs for bioreactors and in situ groundwater treatment. She was co-author of the first paper on methanotrophic degradation of TCE and related ethenes, and a paper on a microcosm test method for evaluating natural attenuation of PCE by anaerobic bacteria.

Hydrocarbon Biodegradation. Dr. Findlay has conducted research and treatability studies on biodegradation of petroleum and coal tar hydrocarbons, designed soil treatment and compost processes for site remediation, and managed field monitoring programs. Dr Findlay worked with a major petroleum company to design a petroleum sludge composting project which received a commendation from the State of Utah. She also teamed with a major petroleum refinery to design and manage the soil treatment process for the first successful closure of a refinery landfarm. Dr. Findlay conducted bench scale research for the Petroleum Environmental Research Forum to determine the fate of petroleum spilled on soil. It was shown, using 13C, that during biodegradation a portion of the petroleum carbon is covalently incorporated into the soil organic matter. Biodegradation of 14C-benzo(a)pyrene to 14CO2 was also demonstrated.

Education, Affiliations and Employment

Ph.D. Chemistry. University of Illinois at Urbana, 1970. (minor in microbiology)
B.A. Chemistry. Syracuse University, 1963. (minor in biology)
Bioremediation Journal (editorial board). American Chemical Society (member)

1991 - present Bioremediation Consulting Inc, President
1989 - 1991 Bioremediation Systems Division, ABB-Envir Services, Wakefield MA. Director of Treatability Laboratory.
1984 - 1989 Bioremediation Systems Division, Cambridge Analytical. Director of Research and Development, Senior Scientist.

Selected Publications
Chlorinated Compounds:
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